Jiří Vokřínek

Dr. Jiri Vokrinek is a senior researcher and the deputy head in the Agent Technology Center, Department of Computer Scinece and Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic since 2001. He has a university master degree in Technical Cybernetics and a PhD degree in Artificial Intelligence and Biocybernetics from Czech Technical University in Prague. His research interests are artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, planning and replanning in multi-agent systems with focus to two fields: (i) manufacturing, virtual organizations, supply-chain management and logistics and (ii) autonomous vehicles coordination and cooperation, mission planning, and team coordination.
He was participating on projects in the fields of agent-based planning in manufacturing (IST Trial Project ExPlanTech, 2000-2002) and extra-enterprise production planning and virtual enterprises (IST Project ExtraPlanT, 2002-2004), advanced agent-based technologies for supporting virtual organizations (IST Integrated Projects ECOLEAD, 2004-2008, PANDA, 2005-2008, and CONTRACT, 2006-2009), and agent-based production processes simulations (Austrian government funded project CONCEERN, 2003-2005). He was also participating on U.S. Army sponsored research in the field of distributed planning and coordination (I-Globe, 2008) and agent-based coordination and planning for heterogeneous teams (AgentScout, 2009-2010, Tactical AgentFly, 2009-2012 and AgentFly-In-Air, 2011-2012).
Now, he is involved in research of distributed planning and coordination, production planning, negotiation protocols, unmanned vehicles cooperation, logistic optimization and traffic simulations. Currently, his activities support EU project D3COS and U.S. NAVY founded project Traffic Flow Modeling and he is in management commitee of COST action Autonomic Road Transport System. Since 2010, he is also in charge of development and deployment of advanced planning systems for Foxconn CZ manufacturing company.

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