• Contact Person: Milan Rollo
  • Key Partner / Sponsorship: Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
  • Years: 2011 - 2013
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Goal of the SafeFly project is to develop a telemetric system which will increase operation safety in a light sport aircraft domain. This system will be capable of autonomous detection of other aircraft within its proximity based on (i) communication with other airplanes equipped with the same system and (ii) detection of other airplanes using the radio-telemetric device. On-board "glass cocpit" control system will be extended with collision detection algorithms predicting these situations in 5-10 minutes time horizon. This detection will be based on mutual exchange of flight trajectories between airplanes in case of airplanes equipped with the same telemetric systems or based on trajectory prediction in other cases. Possible solution of the collision situation will be presented to the pilot using a graphical user interface. Features of the proposed system are being verified by a series of flight tests. System is prepared for integration of an autopilot which will allow to follow modified collision-free trajectories autonomously.

Project is a joint effort of CTU, F AIR flight school and TL Elektronic.

Test flight with Zaon XRX deviceTesting airplane on groundTest flight