AGLOBE is an agent platform designed for testing experimental scenarios featuring agents position and communication inaccessibility, but it can be also used without these extended functions. The platform provides functions for the residing agents, such as communication infrastructure, store, directory services, migration function, deploy service, etc. Communication in A-globe is very fast and the platform is relatively lightweight.

AGLOBE platform is not fully compliant with the FIPA specifications, e.g. it does not support inter-platform communication (communication with other agent platforms is not supported yet). This interoperability is not necessary when developing closed systems, where no communication outside these systems is required (e.g. agent-based simulations).

For large scale scenarios the interoperability also brings problems with system performance (memory requirements, communication speed). AGLOBE is suitable for real-world simulations including both static (e.g. towns, ports, etc.) and mobile units (e.g. vehicles). In such case the platform can be started in extended version with Geographical Information System (GIS) services and Environment Simulator (ES) agent. The ES agent simulates dynamics (physical location, movement in time and others parameters) of each unit. Contact

  • David Šišlák
  • Milan Rollo
  • Michal Pěchouček