Research Statement

Agent Technology Center (ATG) is a university research center performing fundamental and applied research in the field of agent-based computing, multi-agent systems and agent technologies. ATG researchers work on various cutting edge research projects, have unique set of skills and broad international experience. The main objective of ATG research is to contribute to: (i) applied agent research mainly in manufacturing, automotive industry, network security and defense (ii) fundamental research in agent-based computing and multi-agent systems and (iii) large scale prototype and demonstration systems development.

Core competencies

  • multi-agent simulations
  • multi-agent coordination
  • multi-agent planning
  • multi-agent data analysis
  • adversarial reasoning

Core deployment domains

  • UAV deconfliction, mission planning, collective robotics
  • network security, opponent modeling
  • design process modeling
  • distributed diagnostics
  • supply chain management, military logistics

ATG has been established in 2002. ATG is directed by professor Michal Pěchouček.

Selected research demos

Prizes and Awards

  • The 2011 Antonin Svoboda prize for the best dissertation of 2010 awarded by the Czech Society for Cybernetics and Informatics awarded to David Šišlák
  • The 2010 Czech Mind Prize (Česká hlava) for Innovation, awarded to Michal Pěchouček and Vladimír Mařík
  • The 2009 Trans it!: 1st prize for Agentfly multi-agent technology for traffic control
  • The 2007 Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic Main Prize for AGLOBE multi-agent technology
  • The 2007 CIA (Cooperative Information Agents) Workshop Best Paper Award nomination
  • The 2006 CIA System Innovation Award for Market-Inspired Approach to Collaborative Learning
  • AAMAS 2006 DARPA Best Industrial and Applied Paper Award
  • The 2006 Poster - 10th International Student Conference on Electrical Engineering award for the Multi-agent contracting and reconfiguration in competitive environment using acquaintance models
  • The 2005 IEEE/WIC/ACM WI-IAT Joint Conference: Best Demo Award
  • CTU Chancellor Research Team Award 2005
  • McKinsey Scholarship 2005 (awarded in 2005 to Martin Rehák)
  • System Innovation Award for A-globe multi-agent systems at Cooperative Information Systems workshop in Erfurt 2004
  • CTU Chancellor Award – III main prize for industrial deployment of research results (awarded in 2004 to Michal Pěchouček)
  • 2nd main prize for the X-Security package at AgentCities – Agent Technology Competition in Barcelona 2003 (a security plug-in into JADE multi-agent environment)
  • Best paper award at the European Symposium on System Man and Cybernetics, Vienna 1998