AGENTFLY-Related Projects

NEW Added video clip presenting the deployment of AgentFly to fixed-wing UAV platform.

AGENTFLY is a multi-agent system enabling large-scale simulation of civilian and unmanned air traffic. The system integrates advanced flight path planning, decentralized collision avoidance with highly detailed models of the airplanes and the environment.

Projects based on the AGENTFLY system provide and/or support:

  • distributed model of flight simulation and control,
  • free-flight concept
  • collision-free trajectory planning
  • flexible collision avoidance architecture
  • high-level tactical planning
  • automatic load-balancing of the distributed system
  • scalability
  • aircraft positioning using Cartesian or GPS coordinates (entire airspace of the Earth)
  • integration with external data (Landsat images, BADA, SUAs, wind, ...),
  • advanced 2D/3D visualization,
  • realtime measurement and data collection for subsequent evaluation and analysis

Project list:

Project videos:

(0:43, 43MB, audio)(4:11, 260MB, audio)(1:06, 66MB)(1:09, 256MB)(4:05, 209MB)(3:30, 242MB)

Video clip presenting the deployment of AgentFly to fixed-wing UAV platform is also available on here.



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